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Hints and Tips

Here's a few little tricks to save you money.


Buy a Plunger like the one in the photo.

For the sake of a $20 plunger you can save yourself the charge of a Plumber to come round and unblock your toilet or sink. 9 times out of 10 that's all they would use to unblock a waste!

How to change a tap washer

Replacing the washer in a tap is a task most people can accomplish with ease.

When the tap body is out run your fingernail inside the tap housing (the part still attached to the bench).

If you feel or see any cracks, replacing the washer won't fix the problem and your tap will need to be re-seated by a Plumber.

Waste Disposal
Waste Disposal

Waste Disposals (otherwise known as In Sink Erators) can cause problems.

If your waste disposal is not working at all, try pushing the reset button underneath the unit.

If when you turn the power on, you can hear it making a noise, but the blades aren't spinning, you may have something jamming the blades.

Most disposal units will come with an allen key which you insert into the "Flywheel Turning Wrench Hole".

Make sure the power is turned off and turn it so that it frees up the blades.

Sometimes it takes a bit of force!!

Kitchen Sink Mixer

If you have a mixer like the one in the picture and it is leaking, you will not be able to replace washers inside it.

They have ceramic disc cartridges which need to be replaced.

Some cartridges are worth $10 others are worth $110, so sometimes it's actually better to buy a whole new mixer!!

Water Meter

If you find your water bill to be excessively high you may have a leak on your property somewhere.

Find your water meter outside your house. They are usually on the footpath or just inside the boundary at the front of your property.

Turn off all taps and monitor the reading for 2 hours. If you aren't using any water, the meter shouldn't turn around

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